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Hemp of Northeast Kansas

Mark Creamer, busted for smoking pot in the Lawrence Police Staion in 1989

Is Honking for Hemp Legal? We say yes, but...
Lawrence cops may issue a ticket for excessive honking.
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Check out Kansas law.

Let me share an old rule of thumb of mine.
"If you must break the law, only break one law at a time."

One night we witnessed a car load of guys stopped three or four cars back from the stop light. One of them yelled out "F*cking smoke pot!" Two foot-patrol officers who happened to be lurking there behind some parked cars ran out and pulled them over. Their first crime was yelling obscenities in public. Upon closer inspection there were a couple of open containers of alcohol in the car. That justified a more extensive search which revealed the driver to be in possession of a small pipe and a small bag of marijuana. Busted!

If you are smoking marijuana, don't get pulled over for speeding. Always wear seatbelts. Don't make this the first law you violate. Start off on the right foot with a cop. If you need to drive above the speed limit or if you know uou have a taillight or headlight out, don't be in possession of marijuana. If you host a loud party, don't have any incriminating evidence lying around, for to invite a complaint is to invite the police to investigate. Your first line of defense is not to allow the police to enter your residence, but they will be pushy and persuasive. If they come in, anything in plain sight is fair game.

"Anything you say can (and will) be used against you in a court of law."
In the state of Kansas, a police officer does not have to read you your rights until you are under arrest, but anything you have said prior to arrest is admissible in court. Remember that the District Attorney likes to win.

This is where you must make a decision. Your best chance, in terms of your police record and how that may affect your future in life, is to keep your mouth shut and hire a good lawyer. This will take some serious money, but if you ever planned a future in politics, it is necessary. The point is this. If the case ends up in court, your best chance is for your lawyer to get the search declared illegal. If the search was illegal, then the evidence obtained in that search is in-admissible, and you can go free "if" you have never admitted guilt.

Never lie to a cop. A cop will pressure you to talk and insinuate that if you have nothing to hide, you will be forthcoming. Cops want you to be honest and cooperative. A cop has to respect your right to remain silent. But if a cop catches you an a lie, you're in trouble.

If you cannot afford this option or perhaps don't wish to bring your parents into the situation, you can try the honesty approach. Be remorseful, cooperate fully, and sometimes the cop will throw your stuff away and let you go. More likely you will be arrested. If arrested, you must post a bond to guarantee that you will not flee prosecution. A bondsmen's fee might be one hundred dollars on a ten thousand dollar bond. Another option is for a property owner of Douglass County to sign for you, using their property as collateral. You might try to convince the judge to release you on your own recognizance.

You will go to court and suffer some consequences. This on you record will haunt you for some time to come, particularly when applying for jobs where they ask about your criminal record. After some years you can get your record expunged as far as an employer knows, but the record will always be there.